Division of Artpac Solutions Asia Limited est. 1991

Adan Code of Conduct

Ensuring Fair and Responsible Products

Adan Promotional Concepts is committed to working only with responsible suppliers who uphold high standards for safety, quality and the environment. To ensure our products we supply meet our criteria, we require suppliers and manufacturers to agree to our Code of Conduct to ensure a supply chain that is good for people and the environment.

Product Safety

Products will be high quality and will follow all the laws and regulations regarding each product type and material. Products must meet or exceed industry safety standards.


Suppliers shall follow proper laws and regulations in regards to the environment. Suppliers should manage their resources and waste with environmental best practices in mind and aim to exceed standards.

Forced Labour

Employers shall not use forced labour or any kind of labour including indentured, bonded, prison and slave labour. Employers may not use physical or verbal threats against their employees in any circumstance.

Child Labour

Employers shall not use any form of child labour and must follow the age of employment set out in the law. Children and teens who are still of school age are prohibited from working.

Freedom of Association

Employees must be free to organise and join unions without fear of consequences, and intrusion.

Working Hours

Working hours must comply with applicable laws of their country. For any overtime, employees must be compensated with at least full-time pay.

Workplace Conditions

Employers must provide a safe, healthy working environment for employees. Employers must provide adequate lighting, ventilation, fire safety and sanitation for workers.


Employees shall not be discriminated against on any basis, including nationality, race, religion, social, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or disability.

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