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solar charger greenovation
solar charger greenovation
ClientSwire Properties
IndustryProperty Development

Eco-friendly Solar Tree Charger

Made of eco-friendly bamboo, the Ginkgo Solar Tree Charger comes with a 4000mAh rechargeable lithium battery to store renewable solar energy to power your smartphones and tablets. It was given out as a gift prize for the Ideas@Work Competition for Sustainability of Swire Properties. A fully charged Ginkgo Solar Tree has enough juice to charge your phone twice – probably one of the coolest solar chargers you can have as a giveaway promoting sustainability.

In an effort to explore how digital technology can enhance the way the staff work at Swire Properties, the Ideas@Work competition was launched in February 2016. Overseen by the Swire Properties Digital Task Force, the competition sparked a flurry of suggestions from their colleagues, whose submissions were judged on their usefulness, creativity and originality. We idealise the prize gift to be a sustainable item that can be used daily.

The USB output allows you to connect any other mobile devices. It takes 6 to 8 hours to charge the solar tree and 2 hours to charge up an average mobile phone.

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