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custom eco reclaimed wood frame trophies
custom eco reclaimed wooden trophies new world development close up
custom eco reclaimed wooden trophies new world development
ClientNWS Holdings
IndustryProperty Development

Eco Reclaimed Wood Award Trophy

The Eco Reclaimed Wood-Framed trophies were to be awarded to the VIPs from Taiwan in recognition of their exceptional effort in nature conservation. We worked with local wood recycling social enterprises to source and salvage wood that were destined for the landfill. Awards details were printed on highly recyclable aluminium plates and a orange acrylic back drop was used to accentuate the earthy wood-framed trophy. This wood award trophy is made of eco maple wood, a custom creation that quintessential combines sustainability and aesthetics – the spirit of Greenovation!

Premium Wooden Frame

The Reclaimed Maple Wood Trophy design creates a premium and sophisticated look instead of raw. Wood trophies are a highly presentable and green alternative than plastic trophies.

Eco Award for CSR Events

We are delighted to support NWS Holdings in the celebration of their CSR event on nature preservation and environmental education. NWS Holdings are an environmentally conscious corporate that actively applies sustainability principles across daily operations, strategic planning and investment. The Group owns a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee that oversees the implementation of sustainability practices. NWS Holdings were a founding member of the Hong Kong Green Purchasing Charter, making long-term contribution to the environment through green procurement and founding member of Fair Trade Hong Kong.